We'd love to hear about your work with Igor and any interesting areas of exploration; bug reports, too. We won't ever share, sell or distribute any of your personal information.

First, try questions or comments about Igor on the forum.

But if you really need to contact us directly, we can be reached at "centrallab" (without the quotes) squibble igoranimation wibble com. Please be patient; we read all emails, but we're also working parents.

About Us (Richard Garfinkle and Alessandra Kelley)

We are, as they say, a Mom and Pop operation. One science fiction writer/ computer programmer + One visual artist = One mad animator's lab assistant.

Richard's an author and programmer. He trained in mathematics in college and has been programming computers since junior high school. He's the one who did all the Igor programming.

Alessandra has done various kinds of fine art, curating, and illustration. She's also an Igor alpha tester and maintainer of this website.

The idea for Igor was sparked by a friend, a professional computer animator. We hope that Igor will prove a simple, easy way to do 3-D animation.

All Igor images and models on this site were created by Robert Ellis, Alessandra Kelley, and Richard Garfinkle.